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Crispy Vegetable Rolls (4 pcs.)

Crispy spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrot, celery, ground pepper, and vermicelli rolled in wheat flour paper. Served with homemade plum sauce. Vegetarian


Roti Massaman

Pan seared roti bread. Served with Massaman curry dipping sauce with sweet potato, and onion. Topped with peanuts and fried onion. Mild spicyContains peanuts


Duck Wraps

Boneless duck, green leaf lettuce, scallion, carrot, and cucumber wrapped in pan seared roti bread and mixed with our chef’s signature sauce.


Curry Puffs (3 pcs.)

Fried puff pastry filled with minced chicken seasoned with yellow curry paste, potato, onion, and ground pepper. Served with cucumber vinaigrette sauce.


Peanut Dumplings (4 pcs.)

Ground peanut, red onion, and sweet radish stuffed in homemade rice paper. Gluten freeContains peanutsVegetarian


Fried Potstickers (4 pcs.)

Marinated ground chicken and pork, onion and ginger stuffed in wheat flour dough. Served with sweet soy sauce.


Crispy Belly

Fried marinated pork belly. Served with Spicy Jaew sauce.


Thai Dumplings (4 pcs.)

Steamed seasoned minced chicken, shrimp, mushroom, and scallion wrapped in wonton pastry. Served with sweet soy sauce.


Bangkok Wings (4 pcs.)

Homemade batter fried marinated chicken wings. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce.


Chicken Satay (4 pcs.)

Grilled chicken skewers marinated with Thai spices and yellow curry powder. Served with peanut sauce and cucumber vinaigrette sauce.


Crispy Calamari

Golden-fried calamari. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce.



Boiled Japanese green beans tossed with sea salt. Gluten freeVegetarian


Fresh Summer Rolls

Fried tofu, vermicelli, cucumber, carrot, green leaf lettuce and basil wrapped in rice paper. Served with Hoisin sauce topped with crushed peanuts.


Fried Tofu

Batter fried seasoned soft tofu. Sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce and crushed peanuts.